Students at TOX®

during the studies

There are numerous opportunities for students at TOX®: Internship, student trainee placement or final thesis.

Give your ideas more room

Are you in the middle of your studies and are thinking about specializing? Are you looking for a topic for your final thesis or are you thinking about what's next? All three situations are excellent reasons to apply to TOX®. TOX® gives you the room to develop your ideas freely and learn more from practical applications at the same time. Deepen your knowledge during an internship or a trainee placement. Write your final thesis at ours and make more of your ideas. Trying might not be above studying, but both works very well in combination – at TOX®.

Praxissemester bei TOX Pressotechnik in Weingarten

Here to stay curious: internship at TOX®


Get out of uni and take on some responsibility? During the six-month internship at TOX®, you will gain more than just first impressions. You will get the opportunity to be jointly responsible for some projects. Where would you like to delve in deeper? What would you like to try? We will provide you with flexibility and help you to reach your goals. Complement your theoretical knowledge with practical experience and let yourself be inspired by our employees. Maybe we will see each other again soon once you have completed your studies?

Internship at TOX® - the important bits at a glance

  • Duration of the internship: flexible, usually 5-6 months

  • Prerequisite: enrolled at a university

  • Weekly working time: 35 h

  • Salary in line with the market

  • Location: Weingarten

Werkstudententätigkeit bei TOX Pressotechnik in Weingarten

The part-time job that provides an income and experience


Study and improve your budget at the same time? Of course you can. Would you like to combine your studies with a part-time job, and not just earn some money, but also gain experience? This way, you can complement theory with practical know-how and find out what it means to independently look after projects.

Student trainee at TOX® - the important bits at a glance

  • Duration of the student trainee placement: flexible

  • Prerequisite: enrolled at a university

  • Working time: max. 20h/week during term time

  • Salary in line with the market

  • Location: Weingarten

Apply to our vacant positions, or send an unsolicited application.

Abschlussarbeit bei TOX Pressotechnik in Weingarten

Complete your first milestone at TOX® with your final thesis


For most students, the final thesis is pointing the way. It provides the opportunity to delve deeper into a topic and gain special expertise in a field of choice. Some final theses turn into milestones, as they produce new insights or even inventions. Here, we would like to support students with mentoring, inspiration and freedom for your ideas. The success of TOX® itself is based on a groundbreaking invention, the TOX® Powerpackage. Where one invention came about, there is space for many more. Let us get started, we are ready.

Final thesis at TOX® - the important bits at a glance

  • Duration of the final thesis: usually 5-6 months?

  • Prerequisite: enrolled at a university

  • Working time: free time management in consultation with the department and supervisor

  • Salary in line with the market

  • Location: Weingarten

We can provide you with current topics for your final thesis in the following areas:

  • Construction

  • Development

  • Production sites

  • Electrical engineering

  • Marketing

We nurture talent, long before you come to us.

Do we know each other already? Certainly!

If you study at TU Dresden, Ravensburg University or Esslingen University, you probably already held one or two tools from TOX® in your hand. We work closely with the three universities and support you with lab equipment and TOX® Technology.

We do everything for a good workforce. Long before you start with us.

Overview of universities

TOX Pressotechnik Engagement an Hochschulen - RWU Ravensburg-Weingarten

RWU University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten

TOX Pressotechnik Engagement an Hochschulen - Hochschule Esslingen

University of Applied Sciences Esslingen

TOX Pressotechnik Engagement an Hochschulen - TU Dresden

Technical University Dresden

The only thing our team is still missing: your application.

Complete form & send off

You would like to apply with us? That's great! Please send us your completed application form. The form specifies in detail which data and information we need from you so that we can soon get in touch with you.

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Look forward to our interview

No need to worry about assessment centers and other aggravations: We are looking for people who fit into our team. For this, we would like to get to know you in a first meeting. Naturally, you can use this opportunity to ask us anything you want to know now or always wanted to know about TOX®.

Sounds good? Great.

We will not let you wait for long, but will establish clarity quickly. If your personality and expertise are a match for us, we will not hesitate for long and will look forward to welcoming you to our team soon.